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Rooted In Bristol

Afrika Eye is embarking on an exciting new project in collaboration with a number of different communities and organisations in the city. Our vision is to work with a young emerging black filmmaker and production team to make a series of short films celebrating the significant contribution that the Pan African community in Bristol has made to the allotment movement over the last 50 years or more. Many individuals have worked their allotments for decades and some have been using seeds, which were brought from the Caribbean and Africa.

We are interested to hear their stories and to find out:

  • What they are growing
  • How things might have changed over the years
  • If plots have been passed down to a younger generation of growers.

Additionally, we’d love to collect some of the recipes that have been created using the produce. We reckon it’s time to celebrate the contribution that so many individuals have made to the allotment communities of Bristol. We would love to showcase the films in situ on the allotments with a special Afrika Eye event bringing together food music and film.

We are currently applying for funding for this project and would love to hear from anyone who might like to be involved. Watch this space for updates.

Contact: afrikaeye@gmail.com