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RAI Film Festival

RAI Festival provides a prestigious international forum to present and discuss anthropological film. The Festival and its accompanying workshops, master classes, conferences or retrospectives creates an opportunity to discover and discuss films and other audio-visual productions from an artistic, anthropological (sociological), historical and educational point of view. The 17th RAI Film Festival (online edition) will run from the 19th to the 28th March 2021.
Afrika Eye’s wonderful director Annie Menter was a judge for the ethnomusicology section of the festival and you can check out this programme here. All their films, conference panels and talks (bar very few exceptions) are available in a pre-recorded format on their dedicated viewing platform and are accessible 24/7, worldwide, 19-28 March 2021 to anyone with a Festival Pass. A handful of films are available only in select countries, check the list here. They are also running a rich programme of LIVE Q&As, conversations and discussions and the full schedule will be released soon and links to join will be posted daily during the festival days on the website.


Racial justice and anti-racism feature prominently across the festival programme.

  • Zacharias Kunuk, and his film One Day in the Life of Noah Piugattuk (2019), receives the RAI President’s Award. This masterful film is set on North Baffin Island in 1961. This is a tense but at times humorous drama of translation and (mis)communication tells a tale at the heart of Canada’s forced resettlement policy of First Nations people.
  • The Global Racialisations strand, curated by Yasmin Fedda and Ethiraj Gabriel Dattatreyan, explores the material effects and shared histories of race/racism across geographies.
  • The Decolonising the Archive strand addresses the politics of historical media collections and how they are mobilised in the present.
  • The Anti-racist Filmmaking workshop is hosted by Elena Guzman and Miasarah Lai of the EthnoCine collective (to apply to take part in the live workshop please click here.