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African Women In The Time of Covid

Afrika Eye is delighted to be partnering with Encounters Festival to screen “African Women in the Time of Covid-19”. We applaud the women who have had the courage and creative energy to make these films. The Ladima Foundation, a Pan-African not- for- profit organisation, which supports women in the creative industries offered African women the opportunity to share their stories focusing on the personal, economic and social impact of Covid-19 on their lives. Drawn from 18 countries in Africa, these are the winning entries.

The pandemic has had a palpable impact on women across the continent, revealing the often extreme circumstances women find themselves in. Stories of domestic violence, loss of opportunities and burden of care are thrown into sharp relief by their counterpart, which is one of resilience and hope.

On the 29th September at 2pm Afrika Eye will present 10 short films from the ‘African Women in the Time of Covid-19’ with an intro from Lara Utian, the CEO of the Ladima Foundation.

Encounters Festival on line runs from 18th September – 11th October 2020 – for more information and screening date of ‘African Women in the Time of Covid-19’ visit www.encounters.film.