Sponsor a Marketing Internship

We have created a number of new roles, offering young people paid opportunities to develop their skills, knowledge and networks and giving them an immersive experience within the film festival industry. Audience development is a critical concern for our festival funders and one of our primary aims in 2017/18. Crucially, our ability to expand and diversify our audience depends on our capacity to market our films and events consistently and creatively. We a re therefore seeking sponsorship to cover the cost of a part-time paid Marketing and Communications Intern. This new role will recruit from Bristol’s BAME communities through Rife Magazine, Ujima Radio and 8th Sense Media networks. The Intern will work closely with our highly experienced publicist, Pam Beddard, gaining excellent marketing experience within the film festival industry.

Cost of placement: £1,250
Covers: Placement pay (£1,000), coordination fee (£250)

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