What is Afrika Eye?

About Us

Afrika Eye is an annual film and arts festival in Bristol and is the South West’s biggest celebration of African cinema and culture. We bring films and diverse perspectives on Africa and the African diaspora to challenge the stereotypes, dispel the myths and explore the traditions and transformations in the ever-changing social and political landscape across this vast continent.

We have film and arts events in various venues across Bristol from early November and our festival culminates in our cornerstone Watershed weekend, where you’ll find a packed programme of film and discussion, as well as our legendary Friday night party.

The Afrika Eye story

Afrika Eye was founded by Simon Bright and Ingrid Sinclair, filmmakers from Zimbabwe who arrived in Bristol in 2003. They were committed to offering a wider, more nuanced perspective on African cultures, in contrast to the usual mainstream portrayal of poverty, chaos and corruption.

They had produced and directed international prize winning documentaries, shorts and features, including Flame the first Zimbabwean film selected for the Cannes Film Festival and had also curated several film festivals and run training courses for UNESCO.

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